About Mac see


Pulse (脈)

[Noun] Strength or energy. Donguibogam interprets the letter 脈 (pulse) in three different ways. Firstly, 脉' is a combination of '月' and '永', indicating that a long life can be assured only with this. Secondly, an old letter of '脈' looks like '血+波' and this indicates that aeremia (氣血) circulates the meridian system on its own different path. Thirdly, 脈 (pulse) has a meaning of '幕' (curtain) and this indicates that a person outside the curtain tries to find out affairs inside the curtain. - Donguibogam in one book


see  [si:]

1. See (with eye), (see and) learn, witness
2. See ahead (with vision)
3. See (a match, a TV program, a performance, and such)

  • Mac see - Touch display digital healthcare device Normal users can monitor their own stress and an aging degree of blood vessel by themselves.

  • Health information measurable with Mac see - Indexing of mental and physical stress
    - Indexing of heart rate and abnormal heart rate
    - Indexing of ability to cope with stress (immunity) and autonomic nervous system
      (sympathetic, parasympathetic) Indexing of balance
    - Screening of depression and anxiety
    - Indexing of an aging degree of blood vessel through a test on the peripheral nervous system
    - Automatic (DB) comment on the results

  • Social background of the development of Mac see It is a device designed for maintaining sound mental health since the current society is suffering from an increasing number of murders, suicides, violence, and other such serious social issues provoked by social traumatic stress.

  • Application of Mac see It is suitable for a public place with awaiters and a public facility equipped with a self measurement instrument with which high-risk stress groups can monitor their depression level.

A display device for promotion applied with stress
blood vessel measurer and stress diagnostor

It exposes promotional contents to a person who is being measured during 1 minutes of measurement so it assures incomparably higher promotional effects than what other media can offer. MACSEE is the world's first promotional medical instrument with remote contents management so it helps enhance customer satisfaction through u-Healthcare service and, for a service provider, it can serve as a customer contact point with the best contents.

Mac see's competition

1 min. Concentration
It has positive effects on customers in the intensity of immersion in media and of message and brand attitude
It can approach customers as a system tool that takes care of stress easily in a easily accessible place.
Slim & Low
. Construction of Korean reference(@3,600 people) for the first time in the world and acquisition of a patent
Construction of Korean reference(@3,600 people) for the first time in the world and acquisition of a patent
Transmission of customized contents according to the information entered in real time and counting of exposure frequency

Social needs + company's needs

It can expand social interest in and a national policy on support for mental health and also can provide media of a new paradigm that can create new profits based on CSR for u-Healthcare


Social background
Increasing importance of managing social stress in Korea suffering excessive stress
Increase in social expenses
by stress from a change in national policies political support for U-Healthcare
Discovery of a new business
That will create occupational opportunities Social cause + creation of a new profit market


• Qaud Cortex-A9r4 2.0GHz
• 10.1” T-LCD 1024 x 600
• Android 4.4
• Ethemet / WiFi / Bluetooth V4.0v
• 420(W) x 200(H) x 300(D)
• Central management-type
contents transmission(via internet)


Heart Beat
Pulse Checker

■ A change in the autonomic nervous system according to stress or an environmental change affects heart beat and a change in hemoglobin concentration in capillary blood at the end of a fingertip is to be measured with an infrared sensor

■ With pulse waves obtained from this procedure and accelerated pulse waves (APG), and an analysis of a HRV chart, it provides users with a level of balance of the autonomic nervous system, a stress index and ability to cope with stress, and a level of healthiness of blood vessel as an index.

■ Mac see in a miniaturized version of an expensive HRV analysis equipment helps users check a stress index and the healthiness of blood vessel conveniently by reducing measurement time (1 minutes) and a patent is also obtained for the construction of Korean clinic reference for the first time in the world so it can present more accurate analysis results among any other equipments.

A display device for promotion applied with stress
blood vessel measurer and stress diagnostor

Why it needs ICT?

It is not just a medical device but is designed with the purpose of developing
a new market of U-Healthcare and transmitting
the best contents to customers in real time.

Mac see is combined with the latest lCT (Information Communication Technology) and
this can transmit the latest contents selectively to a desired place and also can aggregate age
and gender information of contacted customers so as to assure more accurate
and effective analysis.

We will provide a system that can be used as your own platform suitable for installer's and
distributor's purpose (e.g. promotion of a company, commercial advertisement,
promotional activity, transmission of public service information, etc.).

Composition of the industrial ecosystem of Mac see

• PHD(Personal Health Device)
A domestic or mobile device with an embedded sensor for measuring individual health status anywhere at any time

• PHA(Personal Health Application)
Application that can measure and manage individual health status with a camera and a sensor embedded in a smart device and app-ccessories (accessories connected with an application)

• PHI(Personal Health Information)
Individual health information data collected via PHD or PHA, such as heart rate, ECG, and movements

• PMS : Personalized message syndication

• Clustering and mining personalized service for the management of members,
one-on-one customized customer service based on gender/age/region/time zone/personal information (security)

A display device for promotion applied with stress
blood vessel measurer and stress diagnostor

FORECAST - Market analysis

Target Market

A/S center with waiting customers
AS center with waiting customers
Workers Health and Welfare
Military, Rest facilities at a fire station
Public medical facility and health center
community center, dermatology clinic, plastic surgery clinic
School, public organization
elementary/middle/high school, university, library, city hall/county office/borough office and dong office

■ It can be installed conveniently at any place with waiting people, such as a bank or an AS center.
■ It can be introduced as a good quality, differentiated CS item to a rest area, a hotel business center, and a hospital or a clinic.
■ It can also enhance the welfare condition by providing members in a comparatively poor working environment, such as a military camp or a fire station, with a systematic healthcare.
■ It can contribute to the wellness of employees at a company.
■ Especially, it is expected to help create a sound studying atmosphere and to improve the sociality of students at elementary/middle/high school through continuous stress management.


Creation of a new medical business
Smart Healthcare Cross-Media Platform
New Platform
Creation of a promotion display with a new platform for developing a market
Promotional effects that raise the concentration with 2’nd Syndication media
Slim body Low Price
IT technology, excellent network environment, and ability of developing a solution which are the strong points of Korea
Contribution to social interest, customers satisfaction, social responsibility of a company