Lohas & U-Healthcare Consumer Marketing

LUCM Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in marketing the world's first promotional stress/vascular health measurer 'MACSEE' (Pulse-see), composed of experts with decades of experience in each field, including medical equipment, ICT, and marketing.
LUCM is an abbreviation of Lohas & U-Healthcare Consumer Marketing and Lohas indicates sound consumer life and U-Healthcare indicates healthy self-management with the application of ICT innovation technology and Consumer Marketing expresses its will to respond to customers' demand in a creative way as a specialized marketing company.
LUCM will be there for customers as a company that suggests a new paradigm that surpasses customers' expectation on the basis of its accumulated experience and know how in each field, distributing MACSEE, U-healthcare product combined with creative future innovation technology.

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Name of company LUCM CO.,Ltd
CEO Nam Seung Min
Head office (Post code: 14056) LUCM Co., Ltd., B-2022, Gumgang Penterium, IT Tower, 282,
Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Telephone +82-31-337-5386
Fax +82-31-337-5388
Business area Digital health care, digital signage, system integration, smoking booth